Welcome to RÅx Marknadssupport

RÅx Marknadssupport is an advertising and consulting agency that assists companies in the automotive industry with analysis, business development and marketing.

We offer market research, strategy development, CRM solutions, websites, advertisements, direct mail, exhibitions, signage, customer satisfaction tracking, etc…

Our services are specifically tailored to the automotive sector. We want to be the obvious partner for our clients requisite of market support. Our services develop your business, giving you more customers and more satisfied customers.

When you engage RÅx, you get skilled and cost-effectient assistance with business development and marketing. With solid experience and curiosity, we put ourselves in your business to understand your market conditions.

We are eager to assist with investigations and strategy development so that our creative ideas and advertising have a solid base and feels relevant.

When your time is not enough, we easely can step into your project and assist with what is needed. Our experience from the automotive industry allows us to quickly understand the mission and can work independently.

With low operating costs, we can keep an interesting price level of our services. Our policy is to only charge for skills and productive work.

For more information, contact us on….

Address: RÅx Marknadssupport AB, Rotevägen 6, SE-611 92 Nyköping, SWEDEN

Tel: +46 70 590 04 04

E-mail: info@raxmarknadssupport.se